Lovin' the Skin You're In Audiobook Excerpt

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Listen to the first 27 pages of the book, "Lovin' the Skin You're In: The Juicy Woman's Guide to Making Peace with Food and Friends with Your Body."

Read the back cover:

Why are you so hungry?

Are you finding yourself drawn to the fridge or the vending machine many times throughout the day desperately searching for something, anything? Guess what! That hunger that’s driving your urge to eat isn’t coming from your body.

The problem is not what you’re eating. It’s what’s eating you! If you’re ready to learn a process to deal with your stress, and explore the emotional hungers beneath your cravings, then you can get slim slowly and naturally without ever having to diet or feel deprived again.

Your journey to a lighter, happier, healthier ‘you’ starts with a spoonful of self-acceptance. Are you ready? Read this book and let’s get started.

Some of the juicy benefits you’ll get are:

  • Comfort, joy and pride knowing you can finally trust yourself around the foods you love
  • Relief from the constant interference of obsessing about food and wanting to eat all the time
  • A new desire to treat yourself kindly & nurture a gentle connection with your body
  • Feeling more comfortable and relaxed ‘just being yourself’
  • Self-compassion and understanding that you’re already perfect just the way you are
  • Skills to set boundaries and say, “No” to others and “Yes” to yourself giving you killer confidence.
  • The courage to live juicy

Andrea Amador, CEC. M.NLP is The Juicy Woman. She is a Body Image/Self Esteem Expert and a Professional Certified Empowerment Coach who creates customized confidence building and stress relief programs for groups of women and girls. As a curvy and confident plus size gal and a woman who’s had her share of adversity, Andrea is a powerful role model for her audiences.

She is a rare combination of professional training and raw life experience which gives her the edge in helping women who struggle with body image and/or abuse issues.

As a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, she sprinkles her unique blend of storytelling, spice, playfulness, authenticity, and expertise and mixes it all up in her own unique way to empower women and girls to love the skin they’re in. For more Juicy Woman goodies, visit www.TheJuicyWoman.com

“If you’re one of the multitude of women unhappy with their bodies, desperately seeking an alternative to dieting, Andrea Amador’s “Lovin the Skin You’re In” is a must-read. Andrea’s willingness to share her own struggles in life and how these contributed to the negative feelings she held about her body demonstrates a vulnerability and warmth that is irresistible. Her R.E.C.L.A.I.M System is comprehensive, practical and easy to follow. This is definitely one book I’ll be recommending to family, friends, colleagues and clients.”

– Sue Kelly, Founder of www.ForWomenOver50.com

“Andrea Amador is truly The Juicy Woman. She shares her infinite expertise on non-diet weight control, body image/self-esteem building and stress management with such humor and wisdom. She has an endless arsenal of tools coupled with her extensive knowledge and personal experience that make her a veritable fountain of knowledge.

But it is her compassion, warmth and down-to-earth realness that makes you keep coming back for more.”

– Maria Elena Escobar, Professional Certified Empowerment

This freebie excerpt includes the following key concepts:

Can't stop eating? That's valuable information telling you something is wrong.

There are perfectly good reasons wh your body is overweight.

Losing weight does not guarantee you happiness!

Crazy thinking comes from being stress and that leads to crazed eating.

No matter how miserable you are you can choose to be happy by learning to tell yourself a different story.

It's all in you. Deep down inside your body knows what is right for you.

To break free of your body's natural resistance to getting thinner, you have to be kind, gentle and appreciative of your "before" body so that you can pave a path of love for your "after" body.

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Lovin' the Skin You're In Audiobook Excerpt

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