Grants Made Easy Mini Course

Andrea Amador
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Has money been tight? Struggling to make ends meet? Need help to pay rent or bills? Learn how to use government money programs to get rent relief, cash, and tons of free services like debt counseling, legal representation and business coaching.

In this unit you'll be able to use my Getting Started guide to begin setting yourself up for success to get grants.

Emergency Services Guide - What to do to protect your family from being evicted. Resource guide with phone and links for personal assistance grants.

Video explaining where to find names and contact information for all your elected officials and representatives.

Get a detailed list of all their office phone numbers, contact information, and email addresses.

Also you will receive a sample script of what to say when you phone their offices.

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Course contains a 7 page ebook download, an 8 page ebook download, and a 10 minute video

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